Screenshots: Obrafour Releases Press Statement As He Sues Ayisha Modi After Claiming She Invested $45,000 In Kasiebo & Did Not Get A Dime

Recall that we reported on Aisha Mordi, popularly known on social media as She_loves_Stonesbwoy, making a shocking revelation in an interview with Delay on the Delay Show with regards to Ghanaian legendary rapper ‘Obrafour’ being an ungrateful person.

Aisha Mordi in the interview labeled Obrafour as ungrateful because she invested a whopping $45,000 in Kasiebo and did not make a penny back. She disclosed that Obrafour did not pay her a cobo from the revenue the whole project generated.

From the look of things and Aisha’s actions there are no cordial relationship between herself and Obrafour after that shocking incident. Checkout the video below at the 24th minute;

Well, it seems Obrafour is not happy about the whole Ayisha Modi and her $45,000 investment which she claims to have invested in Obrafour’s works. Obrafour’s record label, Execution Entertainment has since released a press statement to that effect to address the whole issue. The press statement details what really transpired and also a message to those who wants to keep spreading the falsehood regarding the who drama started by Atisha Modi. Checkout the press statement below;




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