Screenshot+Video: James Gardiner Blast Elikem Kumordzie For Saying Actors Should Stop Complaining And Find A Day Job

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Kofi Adjorlolo, has angrily criticized movie producers in the country for not paying him anytime he cast in their production. Elikem Kumordzie popularly known in showbiz as Elikem The Tailor then posted on his Instagram page in response to what Kofi Adjorlolo said that, some actors including himself are not paid whenever they are done casting a movie.

This was what Elikem had to say with respect to what Kofi said; ” STOP complaining. leave the producers alone. find a day job. and see who they will shoot with  “

Well, Actor James Gardiner is not happy at all with Elikem Kumordzie’s comment. James Gardiner commented on Elikem Kumordzi’s post that;

“Bro I’m happy you have a day job and business is booming! You are an amazing tailor!  But if we keep posting videos like this, we create a trending impression that acting is a part time job. We both know it’s not. Even in Hollywood artistes get underpaid and taken advantage of. Someone could equally say tailoring is a part time job. Acting along with every other job can be very lucrative if you have your bolts screwed on tight and thus, requires respect, professionalism and dedication. I don’t think you should praise those producers for their unprofessionalism, rather you should criticize them. They may have pushed you to take your other job more seriously but you could have started it anyway. “

He further stated that,

“Despite and other big business men and women don’t start other businesses because their other jobs didn’t pay on time or didn’t pay at all. We should teach the upcoming actors that it’s best when you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. But for all businesses to be successful, you need to respect it to thrive! I have other jobs too but I don’t see them as part time.”

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