Secret Service move Donald Trump to underground Bunker for safety as George Floyd Protestors tried to Break into the White House

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A black man who goes by the name George Floyd was murdered a few days ago in Minnesota after A grocery store owner called the police on him when they thought he was writing a bad check, but he wasn’t. MPD Officer Derek Chauvin (badge #1087) along with two other officers pinned him down to the hard pavement and stuck his kneel on George’s neck until he died.

While Officer Tou Thao(badge#7162) stood by and did NOTHING. Minneapolis city mayor Jacob Frey just announced four officers have been fires. The FBI is investigating the incident. Over 20,000 people watched George as he died. He was screaming “I CAN’T BREATHE’ and also asking for water too.

A lot of Hollywood celebrities have taken to their Instagram handle to demand for justice for Gorge Floyd. The Likes of Cardi B, Snoop Dog , Meek Mill and others have taken to Twitter and Instagram to make the #justiceforgorge a trend to demand that the officers be charged with murder

On friday Night, Protestors tried to break in to the White house after they stormed the White House. Secret Service carried , Donald Trump, Melania and his son Baron to the Underground Bunker for safety

CNN reported the news citing a White House source