Send your water to the people in Abroad where you want your kids to marry from and leave us alone – Social media users descend on Afia

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Ghanaian comedian Afia Schwarzenegger is currently been trolled on social media after she revealed that the name of her Pure water Business

It could be recalled that Afia Schwar made the headlines after she warned Ghanaian ladies not to come close to her Obroni sons when a bedroom video of one of her sons with his girlfriend hit online. According to her, she is aiming to let them chose a future wife from Abroad and not Ghana

Afia Schwar has set up a sachet water business and has named it after her daughter “Pena” but it seems Ghanaians are not happy about it and in the comment section they have revealed that their unhappiness,

Below are some crazy reaction from Facebook users

One wrote: “The water should be sent to German n her inlaws abroad”

“She should send it to the Ghanaian girls abroad who will marry her sons err… S3 our girls in Ghana doesnt deserve her sons. Those in Abroad will drink it

“I guess she’s producing this water to drink in her home with her family… We Ghanaians are not dumb to drink water from someone who doesnt want anything to do with us…” another user wrote

“I’ll start drinking it the very day she’ll put pride aside and apologies to Ghanaians that her kids will be proud marrying from Ghana”