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Serwaa Amihere Embarrasses Herself On Live Television And Twitter Folks Are Making Her Life A Living Hell

Ghone television news anchor and presenter, Serwaa Amihere is one of the media personalities in Ghana who constantly get trolled on social media, twitter to be precise for one thing or another.

This has happened again after she interviewed the Minister of Information who was once a journalist regarding the punishment being meted on people who assaulted some people at the Ayawaso during the bye election.

The Minister questioned the recommendation of punishment to which she speaks to but Serwaa who might have gone to the interview unprepared was unable to speak to her facts and twitter users have seized the opportunity to roast her.

Many have accused the Ghana Institute of Journalism for giving Serwaa a degree certificate which she doesn’t deserve but reports reaching us is that Serwaa never attended GIJ but Methodist University. That indicates that she doesn’t have a Journalism background.

Some have trolled her and mocked her with comments like ‘Journalism is beyond makeup’. Twitter is indeed a world of savages on its own.




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