Shatta Wale is not the father of Majesty- Archipalago states.

The beef between Sarkodie and Shatta Wale has got a lot of other entertainment personalities finding their way into the ongoing issue.

One of such persons is social media commentator Archipalago who has always been a fan of Sarkodie. Archipalago came in to throw a few jabs at Shatta Wale after he claimed he was going to beat Sarkodie the next time he sees him.

With this Archipalago released a dis track to Shatta Wale which is titled Shut Up. The gentleman had a lot to say about Shatta including the fact that he was not the biological father of his son Majesty.

According to Archipalago the real father of Majesty is Ara B who is the former hype man of Shatta Wale. This revelation has brought a lot of doubt among people relating to the paternity of Majesty. Some say Archipalago is just saying that to hurt him while others believe the words of Archipalago since once upon a time he and Shatta Wale were best of friends.



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