Shatta Wale scores government performance 15%, says masses are suffering

The once upon a time best friend of pesident Akufo-Addo who is well known in Showbiz as Shatta Wale has scored the president 15% out of the president’s 72% performance it bragged of.

The dancehall artist believes the president cannot gain 72% like its is caliming when a lot of people keep flooding his door steps each morning asking for money fro hospital bills, utility bills and even school fees.

Shatta Wale urged the president to listen complaints of ordinary if he must know the truth while responding to a listener’s question posed by his host on Empire FM’s Empire Drive, Joe Kumi in Takoradi after partaking in a Made in Takoradi Music Show hosted by Kofi Kinaata.

He added that if he were a head master awarding the president, he would have been stingy.

“You see, me I don’t lie, this thing that I’m saying I just want the President to even know himself that people are complaining” that life has become unbearable in Ghana. He said he is not one to score the government 72 per cent when things are not in their best, asking “Who gave them 72 per cent?”

Is the SM president on point?

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