“Shhh, Daddy Is Sleeping” – Tears Flow As Innocent Young Boy Tells People Keep Quiet At The Burial Of His Father

A young boy made quite a number of people cry at the burial of his late father with just a statement he made whilst the burial was on going.

The young boy who had no idea his father was late told the people at the burial grounds to keep quiet because his father was sleeping. This nis what he was reported to have said; “Shhhh, Daddy is sleeping”.

That statement alone made the sympathizers at the burial grounds burst into uncontrollable tears because he had no idea his father was never coming back home.

A friend who was also present at the burial grounds shared a picture with the young boy with caption;

“Shhh… Daddy is sleeping” This little boy during the burial of his dead father told the crowd to keep quiet else they will wake his Dad up. He got many people crying with this sad statement.

Innocent him does not know that his dad is embarking of a journey of no return. Very sad World.”

Checkout the screenshot below;

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