Sis Derby tells fans to leave her ‘sweet ex’ alone

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Deborah Vanessa popularly known as Sis Derby has told fans to leave her ‘sweet ex’ alone to enjoy his marriage life.

Just some few days ago, the sis Derby posted a video of herself and her new boyfriend David on her Instagram page which speculated all over.

SonnieBadu a Ghanaian gospel musician based in America commented “he looks like medikal her ex which she replied Wanluv looks like Jesus.

The ‘Too Risky’ hitmaker on Nana Romeo’s show on Accra FM on April 7, 2022 told her fans to allow her “sweet ex” medikal enjoy his marriage life. And also leave her to enjoy her life because everyone has moved on.

She added that, David and Medikal are two different people and there’s no resemblance whatsoever between them.

And she is really happy with her current boyfriend David.