Sister Derby replies a male fan who asked her for sεκz

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Ghanaian songstress and Fashion Designer, Deborah Vanessa replied to a male fan who asked her for sex. The ‘Kakalika Love’ star yesterday opened a question and answer session with her fans giving them the opportunity to ask her any question of their choice. Although her time was very limited, Sister Derby managed to address most of her fans concerns by answering them.

During the process, she even touched on Medikal apologizing to her after their break-up years ago. One fan who claimed he knew her from way-back requested to have sex with her by using the popular term, ‘eat‘.

Here is what he wrote;

“You have been my biggest crush since my teenage years, when will you let me eat.”

Her reply will blow your mind. She requested some cars from the guy and added a condition of it being a 2020 model.

Sister Derby replied;

“Ah so u knew me when I was a teenager? Bring some of your car, tear rubber, 2020 model.”