So Jesus Wasn’t Able To Save His Church Yet You Think He Can Save you, Nana Tornado Rips Christians..

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Following the Outbreak of Coronavirus in almost every part of the world, many faith believers have either strengthen their faith or lighten them.

This comes off as believing christians believe the end of day is now due to the current pandemic which has besieged the world, others also believe this is just another catastrophe which has come to expose ignorant persons shielding sin in the name of Christianity and pastors who claim God can save them at all times yet still Thousands die in their misery with no miracle to heal them of the stricken covid-19.

Amongst the many Atheists spotted on social media is popular Comic Actor Nana Tornado who in this recent times have gone hard towards Christians for chastising Coronavirus Pandemic as God’s warning to Sinners. In a monitored Post, Tornado asked Christians Quote “How Come their God haven’t been able to save them, thus even God few days ago couldn’t save his Church during a recent flood disaster raid..then how much more them” See Various Post and screenshots of his message Below!