Social media users mock NDC for holding press briefing on Sunday.

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One could not help but notice the environment in which the opposition NDC and its communicators organized their press conference. Initially the NDC were against the ruling NPP for holding a press conference on a Sunday. According to them Sundays are set aside for worship hence its purpose must be used to the fullest. They called the NPP liars since according to them all press conferences held on Sundays are full of lies.

The NDC have seem to shift from their believes they have about Sundays have have done a complete turn around. On Sunday February 16 the NDC held a press conference at Twifo Praso to talk about the governments failed fight against galamsey.

Social media however went buzzing with the news. Some people were talking about the poor environment in which the NDC held their press conference and others were also suprised about the actions of the NDC since they were against the NPP on the issue of holding press conferences on Sundays.