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Somanya Man’s Mum Dies Mysteriously After He Traveled To Benin For 2 Days & Returned With Cars And Dollars

A man from Somanya in the Eastern Region of Ghana is causing fear and panick among his relatives after he traveled to Benin for 2 days and returned with cars and bundles of money.

His mum is said to have died mysteriously without getting ill upon his return. He traveled on 11th October and came back 13th October 2020.

His entire family and in a state of confusion as well as scared of him.

According to report reaching us the young man returned with so much wealth which hitherto wasn’t part of him.

A screenshot sighted has a friend of his revealing how the gentleman traveled and came back with bundles of dollars. He said his friend wanted to come stay with him but he denied him because the guy’s elder brother pre-informed him on what his brother has done.

According to the narrator, the young guy has bought a Range Rover, a Mercedes Benz and a 13-bedroom house after returning.





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