Something Is Suppressing Wendy Shay-Keche Joshua Mocks Singer

Following the brouhaha between Wendy Shay and Deloris Frimpong Manson, the Rufftown records signee was online yesterday to explain she unfollowed Delay.

According to her she unfollowed the on-air personality because she found out Delay had unfollowed her like a year ago. She noted that she has come up with a decision not to tolerate anyone who doesn’t support her.

Wendy stressed that if Delay claims she is going through depression she was expecting her to call her on phone instead of talking about her on TV.

Keche Joshua of music duo, Keche has stated that he thinks something is suppressing Wendy Shay. In a video sighted online he said Wendy Shay is going through a lot. He made this comment about the singer amidst laughter.



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