Songstress Stephanie Benson Celebrates 31 Years of Marriage As She And Hubby Share A Kiss

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Popular Ghanaian artist, Stephanie Benson, sister of Akosua Agyapong has taken to social media to celebrate her 31 years of marriage with amazing photos and message.

Stephanie is married to John a white man and they currently live in the state.

Celebrating her beautiful marriage which she says is full of peace and love she described how patient and amazing person her husband is.

In a tweet she wrote;  “31 years ago at 3pm, 17th June, 2 hours he waited at the Church, I said I do to the most Amazing man anyone could ever meet. This Beautiful Man patiently waited for me and for 31 years his patience has never diminished. Take time to find your Soul Mate and nothing less will do.”

Seeing this tweet of hers, many Ghanaians are shocked they have been able to stick to each other for 31 good years.