Sonie Badu reacts to the shocking death of Apraku My Daughter.

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The country has not yet gotten over the deaths of prophet Seth Frimpong and Bishop Benard Nyarko only for man of God Apraku my Daughter to join the list.

Few days back a video of him went viral when he was dead drunk and people like UK based gospel musician Sonie Badu offered to lend a helping hand to him.

The terrible news of the death of Apraku my Daughter has come as a great shock to everyone since no one expected him to die too soon.

I am very sure if we all knew he would die today a lot would have been done for him the very moment the video of him went viral.

However Sonie Badu after haring the death of the man of God has stated how sad the news has made him and the uncontrollable tears flawing down his cheeks.

He asked that God grants him a peaceful rest and sent his condolence to his family and loves ones all over.

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