Stonebwoy shares another throwback photo which shows he’s grateful to Samini

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Stonebwoy shared a photo of himself with his ‘master’ Samini few weeks ago which broke the internet.

In that photo, Stonebwoy acknowledges Samini’s influence in his life by thanking the veteran Reggae/Dancehall artist again for helping him to become who he is today in a new post.

He posted: “Whatever you do to help yourself especially An up and coming artiste is solely your obligation The Challenges And Struggles Are Part of The Journey.

Many of them these days don’t know how to show Genuine Appreciation and selfless honor for the Least Support Given them Yet They Expect it All..

Positive mindset and Attitude is Key.

God bless You For Throwing A Piece of Your own shine on me.. Take Pride PebiliNaa!!

The beauty of it is that You’re Still Here inspiring Us @samini_dagaati Been Here Before Them, Shall Be Here After Them.

They say we rise by lifting others,But others Need A helping Hand Only To Bite off..circa2010ish”

In another throwback photo he shared on social media, Stonewbwoy is seen rocking a Samini branded T-shirt, a clear indication that he’s grateful to him.