“Stop Addressing Women As Looking Takeaway, We’re Not Meals!” Kemi Olunloyo Sends Strong Warning to Men.

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Nigerian controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo is in the news again for lambasting a man who complimented her beauty by saying she was looking ‘takeaway’.

Olunloyo took to her social media handles on Tuesday, November to send a strong warning to men, telling them never to compliment a woman by saying she looks ‘takeaway’.

“Disrespectful. Stop addressing women as looking takeaway. It’s very dishonorable. Women are not meals you are taking home or to the hotel. I’ve addressed this more than once. You can use the word “you look beautiful, fabulous” NEVER takeaway. 😠 Exercise manners.”

Meanwhile, tweeps have responded to her statement, some have taken it as an opportunity to insult Olunloyo.

@NnamdiElias1; “To some certain extent u are being sociopathic…The Statement is figurative and U’re taking it literally. If u find it offensive, pls keep it to urself as long as it doesn’t cause any form of Social harm. U can’t come nd start enforcing ur own ideas on others. #daftkemiolunloyo”

@ call_me_mrmayor wrote; “No be everything u go put eye joor…most ladies appreciate it when guys tellem.”

@haryomidhey64 wrote; “😂😂Orisirisi  the person wey dem dey address no complain Na u carry wahala for head like pure water.”

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