Stop bragging, I started street shows before you – M.anifest to Shatta Wale

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Shatta Wale about a couple of days bragged that he was one of the musicians who started free street shows in Ghana. So he’s happy others are emulating him.

“I am really happy most of them are learning from where I started schooling from (Street), I am one of the boys who started street shows in Ghana; I did community shows, from Nima, Jamestown during that time, most of them were concentrating on filling the conference centres,” Shatta said on the Starr Drive with KOD.

Well, rapper M.anifest has replied Shatta Wale telling him that he started free shows in Madina long before he (Shatta) started commanding influence on the streets.

Speaking on the Starr Drive Tuesday M.anifest said: “it’s making the rounds. Let me correct him though, I did Madina block party before everybody did anything else”.