Stop calling me Ebony Reigns – Nikki Banks cries out

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Another lady who looks exactly like Ebony Reigns has popped up.

Many people have made headlines as look-alikes of the late dancehall Diva Ebony Reigns, but none of them has that 90% looks of the songstress.

However, there is a new one in town who can beat the mark.

Belinda Asabea aka Nikki Banks is the new ‘replacement’ Ghanaian could probably settle on as ‘Ebony’ if there be the need.

Nikki Banks is a 24-year-old musician born and raised in Akuapem Mampong.

She comes from a family of 5 and she is the second.

She is signed onto Double Flex Record Entertainment Lable.

According to reports, she has that unique voice of Ebony Reigns and sings like her.

Check out the photo below;