“Stop Fighting For Nigerians, They Have A Voice But They Use It To Argue About Burna Boy And Davido” Actress Ifemeludike Tells Political Activists- See Screenshot.

Nollywood actress, Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has warned political activists in Nigeria to stop fighting for Nigerians.

According to Ifemeludike, Nigerians have voices but they would rather use it to argue about Burna Boy and Davido, she also said that Nigerians will rather use their voices to contribute money for reality TV stars.

She urged political activists to take a break and focus on their lives and their families. This advice is coming after, Omoyele Sowore alongside other activists were arrested for carrying out a crossover protests.

She wrote on Instagram;

“Political activists in Nigeria should take a break! You can only speak for the voiceless but in this case Nigerians have a voice they just using it for things they prioritise.. They have a voice when they contribute money for reality show stars, they have a voice when they argue about burna and Davido, their silence when politicians loot them dry is loud enough, it’s the voice of approval and they’re fully aware of the consequences.

“I mean,If they can burn roadside thieves alive why won’t they? Take a break, look after yourselves and family. Let’s build our businesses, complain once in awhile on blogs, look the other way when injustice happens, act deaf when we hear of inappropriation of public funds, look for excuses here or there,Pray and fast for Nigeria…let’s all play along and continue to suffer and smile 😁😁😁.. Until it hits us all at the same time we shall call it CRUISE… PROTECT YOUR VOICE, your LIFE and your FAMILIES!”

See screenshots below;


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