Stop Judging Women Who Exchange Their Bodies For Movie Roles Because Some Do It For Ice Cream-Prince David Osei

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Broke David Osei has suddenly jumped to the defense of slay queens who sleep with movie directors or producers for movie roles and has asked the society not to judge them because others sleep with men for ice cream.

Prince David Osei speaking in an interview with ‘Graphic Showbiz’ pointed out that though he is not in support of upcoming actresses sleeping with movie producers for roles and flaunting their skin on social media but they shouldn’t be judged harshly.

He advised that upcoming actresses should always make it a point to pursue their God given talents.

“Every aspiring actor should be talented, work on the talent and make sure you are the master of your craft. That is the reason why even those with talents seek formal education to polish their craft. This is because, the movie industry is choked with many talented actresses and so if your only focus is to flaunt your bodies to become a movie star, then you definitely have to look elsewhere,” Prince David said.

He added that upcoming actors and actresses should try as much as possible to polish their talent.