Stop Saying You Will Do Your Job By ‘God’s Grace’- Pastor Wale Adenuga Slams Nigerians For Their ‘Public Prayer’.

Nigerian pastor and gospel singer, Wale Adenuga has spoken about the act of praying in vain which is very on with Nigerians.

According to Adenuga, Nigerians need to stop saying they would deliver ok a promise by saying ‘by God’s Grace’s but they end up not delivering.

He said Nigerians tend to use that phrase very often but they still disappear with the money they are paid to do a job or sometimes deliver very late. He took to his Instagram page on Monday, November 30 to make this call.

He wrote;

“This is not about those who swear and curse. That’s way too crass.

“I’m talking about how we as Nigerians say we will deliver on a promise ‘by God’s grace’ and many never do. Everyone one calls on God’s grace in Nigeria – the military, the politicians and my mechanic.

“Personally, when I give you a job to do, don’t tell me you will do it by God’s grace. I don’t want to hear that. Keep that between you and your God. My former parishioners will remember me telling them this while I was their pastor. Just do the job and save us the public prayer.

“Here’s why: I’ve had transactions with Chinese and American people that I don’t know and haven’t met. They never told me they’d deliver on their promise by God’s grace. Yet they delivered. But we, we call on God’s grace and still sometimes disappear with the money or don’t deliver on time. This doesn’t mean there are no dubious foreigners nor trustworthy Nigerians. I’m just speaking to the preponderance of our inclination to always drag God into our incompetencies.

“Don’t impress me about God by your words. Impress me about Him by your deeds and your ways.”

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