“Stop the nonsense and use your resources to buy more beds for Hospitals” Afia Schwarzenegger

Controversial Ghanaian Media Personality Afia Schwarzenegger has dragged those supporting the legalization of LGBTQI in Ghana.

In the video, the Media Personality seem to have directed her rant to Ghanaian Songstress Sister Derby who is currently a strong activist on the legalization of LGBT in the country.

The issue has become a serious has become a serious debate in the country as a lot of people are torn between human rights, cultural and religious beliefs .

Ghanaian Journalist Manasseh Azure believes that no country should force its belief on other people however Afia Schwarzenegger whiles reacting to the issue and the closure of their office in Accra claim they could use that resources to help a lot of hospitals with beds for the infant mothers.

The Ghanaian songstress Sister Derby believes that the LGBT is a human right and everyone should be allowed to do what they believe in and do what ever they want to do with their bodies without the society judging them

Watch video below



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