“Stop Turning A Blind Eye Simply Because They Come From Your Tribe!”- FFK Fires At Presidency For Saying Herdsmen Cannot Be Chased Out Of Ondo Forest(Screenshots)

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Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has blasted the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration for condemning Governor Rotimi Akeredolu for issuing a 7-days ultimatum to Fulani Herdsmen.

Governor Akeredolu had issued an ultimatum to herdsmen occupying the Info forest to vacate within seven days because of the use of the forest by kidnappers for housing their victims. President Buhari’s aide, Garba Shehu had issued a statement condemning the ultimatum on the grounds that Akeredolu should know as a senior lawyer that the herdsmen cannot just be chased out from the abode, they have lived for so many years.

Reacting to the statement on Wednesday, January 20, FFK has accused the presidency of sacrificing the South West just to please Northerners, he claimed that they’re turning a blind eye just because it’s their tribe involved.

He tweeted;

”The assertion by @GarShehu that a bunch of murderous thugs, psychopathic vagabonds, barbaric rapists, merciless ritualists & vicious killers have a right to reside in the forests of Ondo & SW & continue to slaughter& rob our people is insulting, provocative, asinine & absurd.

“Quit notices cannot be given to law-abiding citizens in any part of Nigeria and I have always opposed such notices. However they can and must be given to those that kill, steal & seek to destroy the lives of others. Murderous terrorists and bloodthirsty and evil men that hide in the forest to ambush, kidnap, kill and destroy innocent and hardworking men and women have no constitutional rights. It is the duty of Governnent to not only flush them out from whichever hole they are hiding but also to despatch them to hell where they belong.

“Akeredolu has done & said the right thing and I urge every single SW Governor to do the same. Fulanis, Hausas, Igbos, Ijaws & ALL Nigerians are welcome in the SW but terrorists, bandits, killers & unhinged, bloodlusting and bloodthirsty psychopaths and sociopaths are not.

“Buhari do your job and stop the killings. Stop turning a blind eye simply because they come from your tribe. Stop brushing this under the carpet and treating them with kid gloves simply because they are your footsoldiers. Stop protecting them and stop encouraging them.

See screenshot below;