“Stupid Local Comedian”; Israel Laryea’s Wife Insults OB Amponsah Over A Joke.

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“His Will Smith moment beckons, if he stays his nonsensical course” Louisa Laryea threatens OB Amponsah after the comedian made a joke about her husband Israel laryea a popular Ghanaian broadcast Journalist who works with multimedia on his ‘Popular But Broke’ show.

During the show, the UCC graduate comedian, cracked a joke about Israel Laryea’s battle with COVID-19 last year and how he slept in the “boys quarters.” This joke however didn’t go in favor of this renowned journalist’s wife as she has vowed to go on Will Smith on OB Amponsah if he continues to joke about her husband.

She wrote on facebook; “There’s a very STUPID miserable local comedian so called, by #OB _Amponsah. Obviously another badly brought up child. Misbehaving all over the place in the name of comedy. His Will Smith moment beckons, if he stay his nonsensical course. #FoolishBoy”

RECALL on March 27, 2022 during the live television broadcast of the 94th Academy awards, actor Will Smith walked on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock after he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith shaved head.