Symptoms of Kidney Problem Have Started Showing On Shatta Wale, Puffiness Around His Eyes And Swollen Ankle-Ibrah One Reveals

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Self acclaimed seer and investigator Ibrah One has said that symptoms of kidney problem have started showing on dancehall artiste Shatta Wale.

In a post on his official Instagram handle he noted that due to the kidney problem the music star has been hit with there is puffiness around his eyes, his ankles and feet are all swollen. He stressed that Shatta has also lost appetite for food.

The controversial social media commentator asked Ghanaians to advise Shatta to start looking for a kidney donor because his son is too young to donate to him.

This comment comes after he first disclosed that Shatta is faced with a kidney problem hence making him to quit social media and music. The music star reported him to the police for spreading false news.