“The Only Believable Thing About Him is His Name ‘Lai”- DJ Switch Slams Lai Mohammed, Says He is Too Misinformed For an Information Minister.

Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Switch has finally made her first post on social media since she fled from Nigeria after he life was allegedly under threats.

Recall that Switch allegedly fled to Canada and has been granting interviews to government bodies and media organisations concerning her experience at the Lekki Toll Gate Shooting.

Switch has come out to slam the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed for being so ‘misinformed’. This is coming after Mohammed wrote a letter on the CNN on Monday stating that the report made by the media organisation was false.

Switch tweeted on Tuesday, November 24 which is exactly one month since her last post.

She tweeted;

“Hw can a “minister of information” be so “misinformed”?The only believable thing about him, is his name…Lai Unfortunately sir,the truth is a very stubborn thing!

“Tnk u all 4 ur well wishes & prayers.Its nt bn easy 4 me bt d need 2 #SoroSoke is more important than their bullying”

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CNN Finally Releases Investigative Video Which Proves Nigerian Army Shot & Killed Peaceful Protesters At Lekki Tollgate

Report currently gathered by our outfit indicates that International News outlet, CNN, has released a video which goes to prove that the Nigerian Army and some police officials murdered peaceful protesters at the Lekki Too Gate after the Federal Government of Nigeria denied such claims.

October 20, 2020 will always be a a day Nigerians will never forget in their lives following the shooting place that night. CNN took it upon themselves and carried out an extensive investigation into the issue and guess what, they’ve finally released their findings to the general public which is in a form of documentary.

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“We Stand By Our Report!” CNN Responds To FG’s Sanction Threat, Replay Report Hourly- See Video.

The Cable News Network, CNN has responded to the sanction threat made by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed concerning their report on the Lekki shooting.

CNN has said that they stand by their report and that it was carefully and meticulously researched.

Earlier today, Mohammed had said that the CNN’s report was reinforcing disinformation and it was irresponsible of the CNN to make such a report.

He said;

“Like everyone else, I watched the CNN report. I must tell you that it reinforces the disinformation that is going around, and it is blatantly irresponsible and a poor piece of journalistic work by a reputable international news organization,

“This is very serious and CNN should be sanctioned for that,” he added.

CNN has gone ahead to make another publication defending their report and has also replayed the visually report hourly on television.

The text report reads;

‘Nigeria threatens CNN with sanctions but provides no evidence,

“Our reporting was carefully and meticulously researched, and we stand by it. The report was based on testimony from dozens of witnesses, and photos and video obtained and geolocated by CNN. It painted a picture of how members of the Nigerian army and the police shot at the crowd, killing at least one person and wounding dozens more.

“CNN verified photos and videos acquired from multiple eyewitnesses and protesters using timestamps and other data from the video files. Video footage shows soldiers who appear to be shooting in the direction of protesters. And accounts from eyewitnesses established that after the army withdrew, a second round of shooting happened later in the evening.

“Prior to publishing the report, CNN tried multiple times to elicit comment from the Nigerian army and police. A Lagos State police spokesman declined to comment because of an ongoing investigation. While a statement from the Lagos State government said that there would be no comment while a judicial tribunal was underway.”

Meanwhile, Nigerians of social media have said that the Nigerian government has just annoyed the CNN as they would continue to ‘expose’ the FG regarding the truth of the Lekki Toll Gate Shooting.

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“I’m Upset That They Think We’re Stupid!” Lauretta Onochie Says CNN Lied, Nigerians React- See Screenshots.

Lauretta Onochie, the Special Assistant on Social Media to President Muhammadu Buhari has said that she’s upset because CNN thinks Nigerians are so stupid to believe their lies.

Recall that the CNN yesterday aired an investigative report analysing the scenes of the Lekki Toll Gate Shooting. Reacting to the report Onochie has said that she’s proudly Nigerian and will not be bullied into believing such lies.

She disclosed this via her Twitter page on Thursday, November 19. I’m the tweet she attached a video of the Nigerian flag with the inscription ‘proudly Nigerian’.

She tweeted;

“I’m not upset that CNN lied to the world about my nation, Nigeria. I’m upset that they think we are so stupid that we will swallow their lies. We won’t be bullied into believing a lie! #WeAreNigerians #WeAreProudNigerians”

Nigerians have responded to this tweet, most of which have said that they aren’t part of the ‘we’ in her tweet.

@Thoyin_ola wrote; “You guys are funny, aswear. How did CNN lie just because of what you will eat you sold you soul to the devil shame on you.”

@officialSugay77 wrote; “This tweet, will haunt you!!! You call the killing of innocent peaceful protesters lies?? You call the forensic details of the @cnni investigation lies… @Laurestar this tweet will Haunt you forever!!!

@Enitseba wrote; “Can you believe that in this Technology age, some people are so naive to think that they can hide… we’re been watched even closer than we know, all your deeds and propaganda will be brought to light… just watch we will know who is intimidating who”

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“CNN Should Be Sanctioned!” Lai Mohammed Says Report Is Irresponsible- See Video.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has reacted to the investigative report aired by the Cable News Network, CNN concerning the October 20 Lekki Toll Gate Shooting.

Mohammed has described the report irresponsible journalism from a reputable news organisation. He also said that the CNN should be santioned for misinformation.

He disclosed this at a press conference held in Abuja on Thursday, November 19.

He said;

“I watched the CNN reports yesterday, I must tell you that it reinforces the disinformation that is going round and it is blatantly irresponsible,

“… CNN sadly relied on the same videos that have been circulating in the social media without verification. This is very serious and CNN should be sanctioned for that.”

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“Nigeria Practices Dictatorship With Democratic Face!” DJ Switch Speaks To CNN, Challenges Sanwo-olu To Speak The Truth- See Video.

Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Switch real name Obianuju Catherine Udeh has recounted all that happened at the Lekki Toll Gate on October 20 in an interview with Becky Anderson of the CNN .

In the interview, DJ Switch said that the Nigerian government is a dictatorship government with a democratic face and that she doesn’t believe what President Muhammadu Buhari says.

In her words;

“I do not hold what the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria says to heart. Nigeria is a dictatorship with a democratic face. I think that is primarily to please the international community. It is our right to protest for the change that we demand. This government has used force from the beginning.

“They started with infiltrating a peaceful protest with things but that did not work. Then they moved to bring the military in. So, the same government that says that it has banned SARS for close to four years are saying that it wants to have a dialogue. The president has not even addressed the incident that happened at the Toll Gate so I do not take his words to heart. They must show accountability.”

Anderson asked Switch what the shooting incident was like, she stated that it was the worst experience of her life.

 “What I experienced that day was the worst experience of my life. The Nigerian army that is supposed to protect us came with no warning; none. There was no representative to speak to us. We heard gunshots from behind the Toll Gate because we were at the other side of the Toll Gate. We heard the gunshots and people were running so what we did was to sit down, stay still and wave our flags.

“We believed that if we waved our flags, they would know that we were not there to cause any harm but to express our rights. There was no warning, they just started shooting and people were just dropping. I cannot explain that it was just a chaotic scene that most times, I find it difficult to close my eyes without seeing those things,” she said.

Switch also challenged Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu of Lagos State to come out and speak the trutha about that actually happened.

“With no due respect, I actually challenge the governor of Lagos State to just say the truth. They know the truth and they have confliction stories with each other. Nigerians have died and this is not a time to play games. Families are looking for their loved ones. To be honest with you in regards to me, I do not know how to feel because on one hand, I am grateful that I am alive today but on the other hand I don’t know if to say I am lucky because it seems that the others were not lucky. The governor owes a responsibility to the citizen of Lagos State to say the truth,” the disc jockey said.

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“You’ve Embarrassed Us Enough!” Nigerians Reacts As Adamu Garba Says He Would’ve Sued CNN- See Screenshots.

Former Presidential Candidate, Adamu Garba is currently under fire for his comment on the new video released by the CNN analysing the scenes at the Lekki Toll Gate Shooting.

Garba who has been in the news for suing Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has said that he would’ve sued the CNN if they had insthated people against the givemrmnt. He said they are just practicing investigative reporting so he would not be dragging them to court.

He disclosed this via his official Twitter handle on Wednesday, November 18.

In his words;

“I would have sued CNN if they instigated or sponsored people of Nigeria against its Govt. But one thing is clear. CNN is doing its job: Investigative & not “Conclusive” reporting.Unlike Jack who interfered directly,

While you enjoy the fleet, wait for response from authorities.”

This statement didn’t go down well with millions of Nigerian who have called him out. Some have even used the avenue eto rain insults on him.

@roqzee wrote; “And for which we all are very grateful You have embarrassed us enough as a collective people.”

@frabjous_id wrote; “Do you ever do anything reasonable, worthwhile, important, successful, responsible in your whole entire life? Apart from “Suing”. @adamugarba you are a cretin and I’ll say it to your face…”

@Oluwazinat wrote; “Sue them ooo. Shebi bubu said our  international neighbours should mind their business? Is CNN minding their business by their  investigation? Sue them jare, we are solidly behind you. Elejo wewe!”

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“Someone Called Me To Say My Brother Was Shot Dead” #EndSARS Lekki Protester’s Brother Painfully Recounts- See Video.

Elisha Sunday, who is allegedly the younger brother to Victor Sunday one of the #EndSARA protesters that was shot at Lekki Toll Gate on the 20th of October, has recounted how he got the news of his brother’s death.

Elisha while speaking to CNN he said that he received a call on October 21 just after midnight from his brother’s number and at the other end of the line, someone told him that Victor has been shot dead.

“Someone picked my brother’s phone and called me and said that my brother, Victor was part of those people that were shot at the Lekki Toll Gate.

” I searched hospitals but we didn’t see him. My mother, my sisters, all my family are in prayer, just to see if we can find out and know where my brother’s dead body is,” he said.

The picture of a dead protester was also shared by CNN as Victor’s body and it is currently making rounds online. Few weeks back that same body was alleged to be the body of Anthony Umeh but Elisha said that the body is actually his brother’s.

Currently on Nigerian Twitter, Nigerians are calling for the release of Victor’s body. Others have said that aren’t going to believe the report of the CNN because the alleged body of Victor was marked as Umeh’s body.

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CNN Releases Findings From Lekki Toll Gate Shooting Traces Origin of Bullets Fired At Protesters- See Video/Photos.

The barely-healed wounds of many Nigerians have been opened as Cable News Network, CNN has released a video concerning the Lekki shooting that occurred in Lekki Toll Gate on October 20, 2020 when #EndSARS protesters were shot at.

CNN shared a video analysing the happening that surrounded the Lekki shooting and also traced the origin of the bullets that were allegedly fired by the soldiers at the scene.

Recall that the Nigerian Army and other authorities had earlier denied been present at the scene of the shooting. The Lagos State government had previously admitted that the protesters were fired at but he stated that only two protesters died.

In the videos released today, November 18, CNN analyzed footages from the scene and also revealed that the bullet shells discovered from victims were dated 2005 and also access the ammunition purchase records of the army which allegedly shows that there were purchased from Serbia.

Currently on Nigerian social media, Nigerians are talking about the revelation most of which have started wailing all over again.

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Video: PornHub Notification Pops Up On The Screens Of CNN As They Broadcast And Discuss The US Election Results

A viral video which has been spotted by our outfit captures the shocking moment CNN anchor, John King, hurriedly closed a PornHub notitication which appeared on their screens as they discuss the ongoing vote count in Pennsylvania.

From the look on his face, you could tell for a fact that he felt embarrassed having it at the back of his mind that he will be mocked around the world.

Checkout the video below;