“I am not a Transgender neither am I gay, I am still into Gays” Bobrisky reveals

Nigerians are trolling Popular Ghanaian Cross dresser Bobrisky and Nollywwod actress Tonto Dikeh his bestie after he revealed that he is still into girls.

In an interview with Dele Momodu, Bobrisky reveal that he isnt gay neither is he a transgender and also revealed that he stills dates Girls.

According to him, he is just a crossdresser who just fixes Lashes and hair for fame and to make ends meet to survive. However he just might consider being bisexual.

This revelation comes a day after he shared photos of a man on his Instagram page and referred to him as his true love of his life.


Photo: Meet Bobrisky’s Future husband that he can stop talking about

Controversial Nigerian brand ambassador and male crossdresser, Idris Okuneye. popularly known as Bobrisky has revealed that dream husband.

Bobrisky, has been talking about his boyfriend for ages but no one has a clue the exact man he is dating although he has been romantically linked with some Abuja big boys, well he wants other men to stay away from him if they don’t look like his ‘future husband’.

Bob, as she is fondly called by friends and loved ones shared a prefect description of how he wants his husband to look and captioned it: ” Future husband if you are not dis cute pls stay away biko. Have never see dis kind fine boy in Nigeria 😂😂😂😂. Each time I open ig dis fine boys pop up, I noticed they are all in USA . I go like relocate to that USA”.

Although he has since deleted the content but Kemi Filani News was quick to grab it before he did.


My haters get ready, Its pepper them season – Bobrisky declares wars on haters

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky in a recent social media post has waged a war on his supposed haters.

According to Bobrisky, most of the people who hate him wish she will eat food meant for paupers.

She labelled this season as the pepper season as he indicated her willingness to deal with anyone who wishes for her downfall.

She posted a video of himself with the caption;

“It’s pepper season… all my haters dat says I won’t rest will eat Eba and Okro on earth and go and wash their hands in grave. Amen 🙏”


‘Poor Men Must All Stay Away From Me Because I’m Expensive’-Bobrisky Warns

Bobrisky has stirred a controversy on social media by warning all broke guys never to get close to him.

According to him his bleaching creams are very expensive and so he will not entertain any broke ass guy in his life.

Obviously, Bobrisky has become very expensive after he went to Dubai for his butt enhancement and the cross-dresser would be rolling with rich fishes in the sea.

Meanwhile he has promised to share pictures and videos of his new shape after he has successfully recovered from his recent surgery.

Below is the post:
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Tonto Dikeh threatens to show Bobrisky’s face without makeup (Video)

Controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh visited the home of popular crossdresser, Bobrisky and she threatened to send a picture of his makeup-free face to social media.

The Nollywood actress packed into Bobrisky’s house with her box, to spend some time with her bestie, and while filming the house, she entered his room and found the crossdresser with a makeup-free face.

She jokingly threatened to send a picture of his face to the gram, while Bobrisky screamed and went into hiding. Reacting to Bobrisky’s action, Tonto said she can never do that to him.

The best friends have been a topic on social media following their controversial tweets and the way they openly display affection for each other.

Watch the video below:

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After Tonto Dikeh Called Him ‘bro’,bobrisky Shows His F##kn Stick In A New Photo

After Tonto Dikeh Called Him ‘Bro’, Bobrisky Shows His F##kn Stick In A New Photo

There is a reason why Bobrisky hasn’t adopted any female name and she’s still using Bobrisky alongside Okuneye Idris.

Bobrisky may have not completed her course to be a woman even though outwardly she looks like a one.

Recently, Bobrisky’s bosom friend Tonto Dikeh called him ‘bro‘ when she apologized for saying she will block Bobrisky on Instagram.

That was taken as a joke but it could be true.

Okuneye Idris aka Bobrisky has shared a photo but all we see is his f##kn stick.

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Man who beat up Bobrisky & broke his iPhone 11 gets him a new one (photos)

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky was caught on camera while engaging in physical combat with a man who allegedly bashed his new Range Rover and damaged his iphone 11 in Lekki.

In a new video at the saloon, Bobrisky shows the iPhone 11 the man bought for him in replacement.


I’m in my closet styling my hair. Do u guys like my short hair game ? Anyways that monkey � finally got me a new iPhone 11 max. He couldn’t afford more money to fix my car so I let that go since some of you are already begging for him. Lastly @tontolet I wanna report myself to you. Your picture at back of my phone fell off I need two more.

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Finally man apologizes For beating Bobrisky up and Bobrisky Reacts (VIDEO)

The man who hit Nigerian cross dresser, Bobrisky, has apologized for bashing his car and smashing his iPhone.

Bobrisky and a man had gone physical when the man hit his brand new Range Rover from behind and hit his iPhone 11 Max off his hand.

However, the man has now apologized with a video calling the incident a little misunderstanding took all the blame for himself.

Watch the video

Bobrisky however refused to forgive the man and promise he will sleep in the cell for what he did and get him a brand new iPhone 11 as a replacement.

Taking to his Instagram page, Bobrisky wrote;

It’s wasn’t a little misunderstanding… if truly it was misunderstanding I should have let you go in peace. But trouble sat on it own you went to pull it. And I’m happy I gave it to you hard. Next time !!!! When you meet people you don’t know you will calm down and know who they are. As about 5.17pm I was driving to a meeting when dis man bashed my car from behind. Mistakes happen, but wat got me so mad was when dis ugly man said wat can I do to him after hitting my car…. ahhhhh I was shocked. I was trying to record his stupidity when he was saying wat can I do. The next thing I saw was he hit my iPhone 11 max too. I got so mad  I ran into his car to collect his phone and his car key Only for him to run after me to collect his phone and car key from me. I fought him like I was on something…. at some point I didn’t even care to see people recording. I was mad . Your apology might be accepted but you must sleep over in that cell. Then tomorrow you will get me a new phone 1phone 11 max and fix my car. I might be calm and nice. But I don’t take nonsense from any motherfucker.

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“I woke up with menstrual pain” – Bobrisky cries out

Bobrisky is in tears this morning as the crossdresser woke up in Menstrual Pain.

Bobrisky took to his Instagram page to reveal this with a caption saying.

I woke up with menstrual pain ���

See his caption

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My Mum encouraged me to be a girl before she died

Nigerian crossdresser, Okuneye Idris aka Bobrisky has revealed fresh facts about himself during an Instagram live video this weekend. Bobrisky during the live video decided to open up and answer questions which fans have always presented to him since he became famous.  

According to the crossdresser, he started nursing the desire to be a girl, since his childhood and seeing his mom do girly things, cook and take care of the house made his interest in becoming a woman, deeper and stronger as time passed.  

Subsequently, he couldn’t take it anymore and he opened up to his mom, who in turn advised him to be himself and not anyone else.