Kenyan Teacher Marks Akufo-Addo 5/10 For His Grammatical Errors In His Press Release Regarding The Late Jerry John Rawlings

A Kenyan teacher identified as Mwalimu Joshua Njenga has taken time off his busy schedules to mark the grammatical mistakes of President Nana Addo’s press release on the demise of Jerry John Rawlings.

This is what he had to say after making Nana Akufo-Addo’s statement;

Dear President Nana Akufo-Addo (@NAkufoAddo) My students and I condole with Ghana. We have, therefore, used your statement, on the death of Jerry Rawlings, for today’s marking project. Here is how it looks after surgery. Have a great day. Mwalimu Joshua Njenga

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Screenshot: I Will Never Officiate Any Wedding In The Church If The Man Has Not Seen The Face Of The Bride Without Makeup – Says Pastor Godfrey Migwi

Kenyan man of God, Pastor Godfrey Migwi has stated on records that he will never waste him time to officiate a wedding whereby the groom has never seen the face of his yet to be wife. He stated that the groom should at least be able to see the lady’s face without makeup 3 weeks before the main wedding.

The man of God took to Facebook and made the revelation with caption;

#Watchman I decree and declares as a called and ordained minister of the gospel by God’s grace of this generation and as a licensed pastor in this nation through our constitution, that I will never officiate any wedding in the church if the man have not get the privilege to see the bride face to face without makeups at least three weeks in their courtship. And I urge other church ministers to follow suit ,this is one of the most part of the reasons people divorce akioga unaona mtu mwingine mwenye hawafanani na yule wako ulioa unakua confused #marriageworks#divorceAllover#counsellorDuty

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Video: Young Lady Who Infected Men With HIV Finally Comes Out To Beg For Forgiveness

A young Kenyan lady has taken to her Instagram page to plead for foriveness after deliberately infecting men with HIV. The yound lady who has been indentified as Harriet Vihenda Akunava to beg for forgiveness as she disclosed that she tested positive for the virus.

Apparently, some social media commentators thought it was a prank until she showed a video of the test to respond to her claims. Not only did she show the results but she was also in tears. This is what she had to say;

“It’s time i come clean. I was bitter for many months but I can’t do this anymore. I am HIV positive and i have been infecting men. I am sorry, forgive me. Get tested if i have hanyad you”.

Checkout the video and post below;

Photos: Social Media Hails Young Man Who Set Record By Impregnating Three Biological Sisters The Same Year has spotted a viral post circulating on social media with regards to a Kenyan man who made history by impregnating three biological sisters; starting with the First born, Second and Third born.

He confessed “I did get all of them Pregnant the same year of 2019, between January and March”. The first and last born have baby girls while the second born gave him a son. Interestingly, all ladies including their parents are happy with what the man did.

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Only Hammer Going Back to Music Would Resurrect Ghana’s Dead Hiplife Genre – Sexy Tinny

Veteran hiplife star Tinny has declared that the genre is dead in Ghana.

According to ‘sexy’ Tinny, since the debut of Azonto and more hybrid genres, the pure form of Hiplife which we remember from the old days is dead and gone.

In the good old days you could listen to Lord Kenya, Tinny himself, Sarkodie, Reggie, Obrafour, Tic and others representing the genre.

These days, most of the top stars around are dancehall/afropop stars and even the pure stars like Sark are evolving.

“Hiplife is dead. You barely see people come up and say they want to be Hiplife artistes and I think it has something to do with time because even Hiphop has changed in America and I think even when Azonto came it caused some distraction to Hiplife,” Tinny said.

According to the ‘Makola Kwake’ hitmaker, there’s only one man who can save the genre in Ghana – the man who discovered and elevated Obrafour, Tinny, Sarkodie, Kwaw Kese and Edem, among others.

“…If we need Hiplife back we need Hammer back in the studio,” he added.

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True Story – Man Weds Lady that Helped Him With Transport Fare 6 Years Ago (Photos)

A beautiful love story how a man found love after being stranded on the street has been shared. The incident happened in Kenya.

On November 9, 2019, Annet Nakabonye, 28, a business lady introduced Isaac Jacob Luwo, 30, a brand manager at Uber to her friends and family in a kwanjula ceremony. Luwo and Nakabonye first met in July 2012 in a taxi. Apparently, Luwo had forgotten his wallet at home and the conductor kept harassing him thinking he intended not to pay for his fares.

“I had no single coin on me but to my surprise, a lady in the taxi offered to pay for my journey,” Luwo narrates. Nakabonye’s compassion surprised Luwo so he decided to ask for her number. The two connected and kept close but stayed friends for over two years.

In 2014, Luwo felt he and Nakabonye had more than a friendship connection so he decided to pour out his feelings to her. Unfortunately, Nakabonye declined his proposal. “However much she didn’t want to be my girlfriend, I didn’t lose hope. We remained friends for about six months, until I brought it up again,” Luwo explains.

This time round, Luwo wanted to make the moment special and memorable, so he decided to propose to Nakabonye again on her birthday. Although Nakabonye turned down his request for the second time, Luwo says her answer gave him some hope.

“She told me she had to first pray about it and also talk to her pastor about the entire situation.” In February 2016, Luwo decided to take a step further and make his attentions more clear.

He went to Nakabonye’s pastor for approval however, the pastor’s reply was no different, “He advised us to pray about it and ask God to show us the right path.”

Time went by without any progress until October 2016 when Nakabonye threw Luwo a surprise birthday party. The two shared a special moment and that day, she accepted to be his girlfriend.

The good news, however, came with some conditions, “Although she had accepted to be in a relationship with me, she suggested that we couldn’t get married until she was done with school, a condition I welcomed and agreed to.”

Towards the end of 2017, the two decided to meet each other’s parents and let them know about their intention to wed. Annet’s parents welcomed the idea and the only thing they requested from Luwo was to become a born again, “I didn’t really have a problem with it since I had already started attending Nakabonye’s church.

Luwo’s parents were also very excited to hear that they would soon have a daughter-in-law, “My mother advised me to make sure I was making the right decision and I was being with a person that really made me happy.”

On August 20, 2018, Luwo and 15 of his family members and friends went for a kukyala ceremony at Nakabonye’s aunt’s home in Buvuma. A date for the introduction ceremony was set and on November 9, 2019, Luwo was officially introduced by Nakabonye at her parent’s home in Kayunga.

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Cardi B’s African fans left both excited and jealous

Friday’s announcement by American rapper Cardi B that she will be performing in Nigeria and Ghana next month has been met by excitement and jealousy.

Excitement in Ghana and Nigeria, where she’ll be performing, but jealousy in the rest of the continent – where fans want her to visit their countries.

On Instagram, Cardi B’s wrote: “Africa. I’m coming!”. Thousands have responded.

One user wrote: “Welcome to Nigeria we love you.” And another said: “We are waiting for you Cardi.”

But one disgruntled fan, who seems to be based in Kenya, responded: “What about Nairobi? where you also have millions of fans.”

South Africans had similar comments.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, is best known for her hit Bodak Yellow. In 2019 she became the first solo female artist to win best rap album at the Grammys.


Black Men Love Stupid Women So They Can Manipulate Them-Says Huddah Monroe

Keyan socialite and CEO of Huddah cosmetics has described the kind of women black men loves.

According to a post monitored on social media, she said that African men always love to be with stupid women so they can manipulate.

This assertion clearly means that Huddah believes African men love to manipulate their women.

She added that black men are scared of smart and educated girl so she can’t wait to have her degree so that black men will be scared of her too.

Below is the post:
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US rapper Snoop Dogg mocks African pastor Ng’ang’a after sharing viral video online

As Kenyans thought they had finally had enough of notorious pastor, James Ng’ang’a, his antics seem to have gone ‘international’ courtesy of American rapper Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg, who has a thing for hilarious videos, shared a clip of the self-acclaimed prophet slapping demons out of his congregants. In a hilarious Instagram post that has now been deleted, Snoop decided to attach some humour to the video by attaching a hilarious caption.

The rapper joked that most pastors angrily smack the confidence out of their worshipers after noticing the offering did not come through.

See the video below:


Fake Jesus has reportedly died

Michael Job,a United States preacher and actor, who posed as Jesus Christ. was on Thursday reported dead moments after attending an interdenominational Christian event as a guest speaker.

Medics at Heyn Hospital have confirmed that Mr Job succumbed to pneumonia while receiving treatment.

Photos and videos showing him dressed as Jesus Christ have been widely shared on social media across Africa.

He was this week deported from Kenya while arresting pastors that invited him.


Man Builds Road Single-Handedly To Save Villagers From Long Walk (PHOTOS)

A man in central Kenya has been earning praise after volunteering to dig a road to save villagers from having to take a long walk to get to the nearby shopping centre.

Nicholas Muchami, 45, who is a casual labourer, decided to build the road after the previous road was blocked by the land owner who accused villagers of trespassing on his land. Meanwhile, bushes cover the public road, making it impassable.

The residents of Kaganda village in Muranga County were then forced to use an indirect route about 4km (two-and-a-half miles) to get to the shopping centre.

Mr Muchami spent six days digging the road manually.

He has cleared and levelled 1.5km of the road and plans to complete the remaining section later after earning more money to sustain himself.

His story was highlighted online by Kinyungu Micheke on Facebook.

“I had made desperate appeals to the local leaders to have the road built but all in vain. It was then that I decided to build it using my farm tools for the sake of women and children and to save time,” he told the Daily Nation.

Even though the road is incomplete, it is already being used by pupils attending the nearby primary and secondary schools.

Kenyans online have been praising him for his dedication.

Godfrey Mugambi wrote on Twitter: “The other villagers should join hands with Mr. Muchemi and complete the road.”