Akuapem Poloo reacts after her sεκχ tape leaked online

Ghanaian Actress and Instagram nudist Akuapem polo is in deep trouble as a lady has come out to threaten to release her anal bedroom intimate tape she did with someone.

According to the report, the tape was leaked by the guy himself. Rosemond Brown was making headlines before this current news. Reacting to the New, The Actress took to her Instagram page to preach about hate and Kindness.

The actress for sometime now has been avoiding trending negatively but it seems it didnt work this time. She wrote: Hatred, bitterness, rage, lying, and the likes aren’t God’s virtues. Therefore, they aren’t part of the makeup or features of your recreated spirit. Rather, you’re to display God’s kindness, love, compassion, patience, meekness, gentleness, wisdom and excellence. Exude excellence in your home, school, place of work, and everywhere. Let it show in everything about you.


Video: Side chic who was confronted by Wife for giving her husband Anal sex finally speaks

The lady who was embarrassed by her sugar daddy’s wife in a grocery store after accusing her of sleeping with her husband has resurfaced on the Internet.

The unidentified lady has advised married women to give in to the demands of their husbands when it comes to offering varieties in the bedroom. She urged married women to give their husband anal sex when they request for it.

Watch Video below:


Things to do after unprotected sεχ

Contrary to many people’s belief, there are circumstances when condoms break or leak during sexual intercourse. If you have a one night stand with a sex partner or girlfriend without using a condom, you may be afraid have had a sexually transmitted disease. After a “quickie” or unprotected sex, there are a few things you could do to avoid complicated sexual diseases. Below are highlights of what could be done immediately after unprotected sex:


Within the first thirty minutes of unprotected sexual intercourse, weeing can help get rid of bacteria you may have contracted. In a bid to achieve this, ensure you urinate well shortly after unprotected sex. If however you do not feel any urge to urinate, drink as much as possible water. It also helps to flush bacteria out of your body system through the urethra. If bacteria gets into the urethra for a long time without being flushed away, it usually leads to urinary tract infections; which either makes you to feel pains while urinating or you end up urinating more than often.


Females are usually on the most dangerous side when we discuss about unprotected sex. After an unprotected sex, you need to use the emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) which works effectively, even 72 hours after sex.


As discussed, an ECP can still be much effective till 3 days after sex. However, for a reason or the other, a victim of unprotected sex may not be able to get the pills around within those 72 hours. In such case, a Intra uterine device (IUD) will be the next line of action to adopt. The IUD is made of copper, which is inserted into the uterus of a female. It stays for 5 days in the uterine region after sex. The IUD is the most reliable means of getting rid of prospective sexually transmitted disease.


If after 5 days, you are still not able to access any of the three methods highlighted above, you may resolve to conducting a STI test. The test can be conducted, after two weeks of having an unprotected sex. Usually, a sexually transmitted disease comes with symptoms. It could start from change in color of urine, eyes color, change in stature etc.


Usually, pregnancy tests are irrelevant and insignificant if they are taken before three weeks. After an unprotected sex, and you have been seeing some symptoms which have been putting you in a doubting state? Wait for three weeks. Three weeks after unprotected sex, you’ll definitely receive a report to know if truly it is pregnancy or an ailment.

In conclusion, it is always a good advice to take contraceptive measure before sexual intercourse. If you wear condom as your contraception and you have some slip ups with it, then you need to adopt a new contraception. There are very effective contraception, for instance, UID and implant, and these methods can last up to ten years. However, this measure only protects against unwanted pregnancy. In a bid to avoid contraction of STDs, use condoms as well.


Video: Former Ghanaian National Female Team Captain, Adjoa Bayor Says She First Broke Her Virginity At Age 32

Former Black Queens captain, Adjoa Bayor has revealed that she first had sex at the age of 32.  Adjoa disclosed this in a yet-to-be aired interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on her Delay show.

This is however not the first time the footballer will be disclosing this. In an interview with Sokoohemaa Kukua on the mid-morning show, Adjoa said she only allowed her fiancée to deflower her after dating him for five years.

When asked why they are not yet married, she said we do not rush in marrying. You have to take your time and that is something my mum told me.”

  Checkout the video below; 


Hilarious as man turns prayer warrior after a prostitute he picked up for sεχ started ‘manifesting’ after her waist bead cut during sex [video]

A video trending on social media shows the moment a Nigerian man instantly became a prayer warrior after a prostitute he picked up started acting weird after her waist bead got cut during sex. The unidentified Nigerian man can be heard saying “Holy Ghost take control, the God of Bishop Akpore I command you to speak out” as the lady started wriggling like a snake.

Towards the end of the 30 seconds video, the man accused the lady of ‘being sent to him”. The social media user who shared the video on his timeline wrote ;

The guy reportedly cut the girl’s waist bead during sex and…. Oga turn pastor fast fast. This is why I hate waist beads