“Thanks To God For Seeing Us Through” OAP Toolz Recounts How Her Family Suffered From COVID-19.

Nigerian media personality, Tolu Oniru-Demuren professionally known as Toolz has recounted how she and her family suffered from COVID-19 a month ago.

Toolz disclosed that almost her  whole family including her husband, Captain Demuren caught the deadly virus and she was scared that three months old baby would contract it, however he tested negative.

 The radio guru also thanked God for seeing them through as the battle was a tough one for them. She disclosed this via series of tweets on Tuesday, November 24.

The tweets read;

“Feeling super thankful to God today! This time last month, we were going through a very scary period! Almost everyone in our house (including myself) tested positive for Covid-19.

“I was just about to return to work after my maternity, and it all started with Captain complaining of ‘malaria-like’ symptoms. He had them for a few days, and didn’t seem to get any better…so we ended up taking him to hospital. He had taken a Covid-19 test a few days before which was negative, so I thought it was a bad case of malaria. He was admitted with malaria and a bacterial infection we were told. After being given intravenous antibiotics and other meds he still wasn’t getting better.

“I decided to move him to a different hospital, and they tested again, and he ‘blew up’ the test according to the doctor. My body went cold, and my first thought was ‘OMG the babies!!’. Then a short while later, I thought about myself. I did a rapid test, and it was positive.

“Neither of us initially had the common symptoms- no coughing, no breathing issues…although I later lost my smell and taste. Captain was in hospital for a week and this was around the time of the Lekki shooting, so I was doubly terrified.

“My main fear was the babies…especially our youngest son as he was just about 3 months old. We didn’t test them, but I was certain they had Covid too as we literally kiss and cuddle our boys every day. The doctor assured us that they wouldn’t be affected.

“Thank God the doctor was right, other than a sneeze here & there, our babies were perfectly fine. I was generally ok too, just scared. Once you get that positive result, you get all these random symptoms you didn’t have before. My back would hurt…I’d be like hmmm corona oo

“The weirdest thing was the taste and smell thing. Everything Captain had tasted bad, he’s a foodie so that was strange. One of my super powers is my sense of smell…and it just gradually faded. I actually put a bottle of bleach under my nose one day and…nothing.

“I kept waiting to fall ill, and it didn’t happen. I started thinking I had indaboski blood, but then I had 2 days where I felt like I had the worst hangover in the world, then there was some fatigue, but I was generally ok.Captain on the other hand felt super rundown, couldn’t keep food down, had cramping all over and a bunch of other symptoms. After a week, he came back home, and we finished our isolation period together.

“After 2 weeks we all retested and were all thankfully Negative. Thanks to Almighty God for seeing us through, a big thank you to the doctors that looked after us… especially Dr Majekodunmi of Eurocare for the constant reassurance, and for taking my a million and one calls

“I’m super thankful I didn’t get it while I was pregnant. Imagine I travelled to have my baby, came back, did a 7 covid tests, and it was the 8th that was positive. The craziest thing was that a week before I legit told someone that there’s Covid in Lagos anymore. Silly me”

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“You’re a Disgrace, Both Home And Abroad!” Adesua Etomi Berates Laurretta Onochie For Posting Photo of Poor Children Using Carton as Nose Masks.

Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi-Wellington has angrily criticized Laurretta Onochie the Special Assistant on Social Media to President Muhammadu BUHARI for sharing a photo of poor children making use of carton pieces as nose masks.

Onochie had on Monday, shared a photo of little children obviously poor with their nose covered with ‘mask’ made out of carton pieces. She accompanied the picture with a text stating that wearing mask isn’t a punishment from the government.

In her words;


“These have made efforts with masking where those of us who are more vulnerable & susceptible to COVID-19 are still swearing that it’s a scam. God bless their efforts.”

This has angered many Nigerians and most of them have lambasted her for using such a picture. Etomi also took to Twitter to berate Onochie.

Adesua tweeted;

“You are a disgrace. Both home & abroad. You should be ashamed that these children have to do this with cardboards. Instead of talking about how to tackle poverty so they can be protected adequately against the virus, you’re spewing this nonsense. 😡😡😡

“This picture made me so angry and brought tears to my eyes. They are so small , so vulnerable and so unprotected. Arghhhhhh. THIS COUNTRY 😡😡😡”

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“I Have a Warehouse Filled With Sniper!” Rapper Illbliss Replies Man Who Said He Brags Too Much In Songs.

Nigerian rapper, Ill Bliss real name Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiofor has slammed a Twitter user who said that he brags too much in his songs.

A guy named @NotOdogwu had tweeted stating that Illbliss loved to brag I’m his songs but the ‘delivery comes out poor’.

He tweeted;

“I don’t understand why Illbliss is always bragging in songs The problem is that his delivery is poor more than half the time.”

In response Illbliss tweeted;

“Sleem. You must learn never to worry about these comments. Its freedom of expression. I have a warehouse full of sniper. We  an send some across so you can overdose and really die off. People hate progress esp when they cant achieve it. Bless up bro. And remember. You can block.”

He also went further to say that social media users should resist from disgracing themselves on the platform. I’m another tweet he lamented on how no one respects hardwork till it pays off.

“Keep airing your dirty laundry and personal crisis on social Media. I wonder if its really empathy you seek or Clout. Keep airing. They want to see you crash but of course you too dumb and too high to get it.

“Nobody respects the grind and the hustle till it pays off. Then you become the Man. Remember nobody really cares.”

Meanwhile, Nigerians have  supported the rapper by saying his response was very epic and the critic deserves it.

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Mourning As Young Soldier Dies Few Days After He Was Deployed To Fight Bandits- See Photos.

Nigerians on social media are currently mourning the death of a young soldier named Abuchi who was killed few days after he was deployed into the forest in Abuja to fight bandits.

In recent times, Northern Nigeria has been facing attacks from different bandits group and several soldiers including civilians have lost their lives as a result.

News of his death was first broken on Sunday, November 22 by a Twitter user named @ozibaofficial who is allegedly close to the deceased.

He tweeted;

“My HERO IS GONE 😭😭😭😭😭He called me on Wednesday that he’s going to the forest In Abuja, next thing the @HQNigerianArmy call that he’s dead. He died fighting bandits 😭😭😭😭😭 Good night Abuchi.”

Thousands of social media users have reacted to the news, most of wish have sympathized with Oziba while others have expressed shock over his death and also  condemned  the bandits.

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Socialite Dragged For Teasing Child Beggar Hours After She Shared Her Grass To Grace Story- See Video.

A social media influencer named Lady Motara was called out by millions of Nigerians after a video of her teasing a child beggar with a drink was leaked by one of her ‘close pals’.

This is coming few hours after she shared her story of how she suffered after he dad ‘abandoned’ her mother and how her mum had to hawk and is still hawking to feed.

 A Twitter user who is allegedly close to her posted a video of her teasing a child beggar with a drink while she was driving. Apparently she posted the video on her WhatsApp status. In the video, the child was interested in tasting what she was drinking, however she just kept teasing the child as she drove away.

Nigerians blasted her after the video popped online. Most Nigerians were disappointed with her because she was oppressing someone who is suffering almost the same fate she said she suffered as a child.

Motara however apologized but netizens have said they don’t want her apology instead she should find the girl she mistreated and apologize. Currently Nigerians are in search of the poor girl, some have said they would make her richer than Motara.

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Rapper Cardi B Reacts To Erica’s Version of One of Her Outfits -See Photos.

American Rapper, Cardi B has reacted to a picture of Big Brother Naija’s Erica Nlewedim wearing a similar outfit with the one she used for her ‘Invasion of Privacy’ album cover.

Erica had earlier shared the photo but it wasn’t received well by Nigerians who advised her to change her stylist because the outfit according to them wasn’t ‘stylish’. Many Nigerians even went on to drag her by mocking the shoes she wore.

A Twitter user named @d1dnasty_ had on Sunday night, November 22 compared the photos of Cardi B and Erica I’m similar outfits. He tagged Cardi’s picture as ‘Grammy Style’ and Erica’s as ‘Grandma Style’.

In response the rapper said;

“I like it tho .Its different and classy, mines is different and edgy.”

Erica responded;

“Hahahahaha thanks that’s what I was going for!😘”

This has sparked conversations online and millions of Nigerians are talking about it. Some Nigerians are shocked by the fact that Cardi wasn’t tagged to the tweet but she still responded. Elites- Erica’s fans are currently gyrating about the news.

@Neepharr wrote; “I love that she used the word “Classy”Tonight can’t just get any better walai Satan don fall for gutter, macham macham!Before I forget, congrats baby @EricaNlewedim  More wins!”

@UgwunnaEjikem wrote; “Wait Cardi B endorsed Erica’s stuff without been tagged???Like she’s been observing??? My jugular vein is deep to my sternocleidomastoid, pls locate it & inject this.”

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“You Are a Very Stupid Idiot, Omo Ale!” Kunle Afolayan Angrily Replies Follower Who Asked Why His ‘Citation’ Movie Doesn’t Have Subtitle.

Piracy is one of the major problems filmmakers face in Nigeria as most films are usually dubbed and posted on unauthorized website or even copied to compact disks before the movie gets out of the cinemas.

Kunle Afolayan, a Nigerian film maker couldn’t hold his anger when a follower asked him why his latest movie ‘Citation’ doesn’t have a subtitle.


@Iam_muideen wrote: “@kunleafolayan Citation Is A Great Film No Doubt, But Non Subtitle Of French Part Is A Great Disservice To The Movie.”

Apparently, the movie actually has a subtitle if it was downloaded from the aurthorised Netflix platform but it appears like the follower just downloaded it from a website with a dubbed version.

In response Afolayan said; “You are a very stupid idiot. That’s what you get if you keep downloading films from unauthorized streaming platforms. Omo ale.

This exchange has sparked conversations online. Some Nigerians have said the Afolayan’s response was too harsh instead he should have educated the follower. Other have said that the follower deserved such response because he stole from Afolayan and still had the guts to complain.

@chemicalbridar wrote; “You people saying this response is rude, I don’t understand. Piracy is literally stealing from creatives. Now imagine someone stealing from you and still telling you “disservice blablabla”??? Does it make sense? You guys should consider the efforts creatives put into their work!”

@the_favouredson wrote; “Maybe he saw a pirated copy unknowingly, is that his fault? Not everyone can afford Netflix, doesnt make other people streaming from other platforms a criminal. Really, bro your response was uncalled for. Moreover, people have refuted his comment on your behalf, what else?”

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“You Have To Harass Me Too!” Peruzzi Says He Would Never Ignore If He Sees Any Policeman Harassing A Citizen.

Nigerian Singer, Tobechukwu Victor Okoh professionally known as Peruzzi has said that he would never to turn a blind eye if he sees a police officer harassing an innocent citizen.

The music artist said that the policeman would have to harass him and his guys if he experiences such. Few weeks ago, Peruzzi stopped an ongoing robbery attack at the third mainland bridge by using toy gun to scare the robbers and this made Nigerians to ‘crown’ him as the Inspector General of Police.

Taking to his Twitter page on Wednesday, November 18, Peruzzi said he would always stand by an innocent citizen.

He tweeted;

“Last Thing I’d Do Is See A Policeman Harass An Innocent Citizen & Ignore. You Gots Harass Me & My Boys Too.”

This has sparked conversations online as many Nigerians have said that it is the way to go so that police brutality can end in Nigeria.

@DJ_Davisy wrote; “If everyone keeps this energy, police brutality go reduce big time.”

@high_clef wrote;“If everyone goes with this energy, them popo go fear us.”

@Endygurly wrote; “Correct guy jare, leave all this so called celebrities busy posting songs and other stuff without being sensitive of the situation in the country right now mtcheewwww.”

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“You’ve Embarrassed Us Enough!” Nigerians Reacts As Adamu Garba Says He Would’ve Sued CNN- See Screenshots.

Former Presidential Candidate, Adamu Garba is currently under fire for his comment on the new video released by the CNN analysing the scenes at the Lekki Toll Gate Shooting.

Garba who has been in the news for suing Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has said that he would’ve sued the CNN if they had insthated people against the givemrmnt. He said they are just practicing investigative reporting so he would not be dragging them to court.

He disclosed this via his official Twitter handle on Wednesday, November 18.

In his words;

“I would have sued CNN if they instigated or sponsored people of Nigeria against its Govt. But one thing is clear. CNN is doing its job: Investigative & not “Conclusive” reporting.Unlike Jack who interfered directly,

While you enjoy the fleet, wait for response from authorities.”

This statement didn’t go down well with millions of Nigerian who have called him out. Some have even used the avenue eto rain insults on him.

@roqzee wrote; “And for which we all are very grateful You have embarrassed us enough as a collective people.”

@frabjous_id wrote; “Do you ever do anything reasonable, worthwhile, important, successful, responsible in your whole entire life? Apart from “Suing”. @adamugarba you are a cretin and I’ll say it to your face…”

@Oluwazinat wrote; “Sue them ooo. Shebi bubu said our  international neighbours should mind their business? Is CNN minding their business by their  investigation? Sue them jare, we are solidly behind you. Elejo wewe!”

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“Laws Aren’t Meant For The Rich!” Netizens Reacts As Bashir El-rufai Shares Loved-up Photos With His Igbo Fiancé- See Photos.

Bashir El-rufai the son of Governor El-rufai posted pictures of him and his bride Halima Nwakaego Kazaure few days after sharing the first pre-wedding photos.

These has sparked reactions from Twitter users most of which have questioned the fact that  Nwakaego who allegedly has an Igbo mother wasn’t covering her hair and she wore a lacy dress. Some have even said thst the laws aren’t meant for the rich as Rahama Sadau was castigated for wearing a dress that was almost the same as what Halima Nwakaego was wearing.

Although some Islam faithfuls condemned the pictures and the posture of they were in the pictures, non-muslims have said that the hypocrisy is too much stating that if it was a nobody the dragging would have been something else.

@IkPrnce wrote; “Islamic practices are two. One for the rich elites and the other for the poor masses. I pray for the emancipation of the multitude of poor northerners brainwashed into believing that religion should be a yoke of slavery.Congrat ,@BashirElRufai”

@ayshaameerah wrote; “Even those that are insulting and condemning sadau upandan are congratulating and liking these pictures. Arewa twitter and hypocrisy 🤝”

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“The Double Standards Irks Me, A Man Gets Something, It’s Well Deserved But When A Woman Does, She Had To Sell Her Body For It!” BBnaija Star Nengi Laments.

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Nengi Hampsom has lamented about how women are undervalued in today’s world.

Nengi said that double standards irks her because a woman is often linked to prostitution even though she works hard to get to where she is, whereas her male counterparts don’t get the same treatment.

She disclosed via her Twitter handle on Tuesday, November 17.

“The double standard irks me.. A man gets something, it’s well deserved but when a woman does, she had to sell her body for it. Funny how it’s even women undervaluing women. No, not funny actually.

“Grateful for the people who are constantly working to unlearn the way Patriarchy has clouded how we walk through the world.”

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“A Blessing From God, Others Should Learn From Him” Netizens Praise Gov. Makinde For Not Increasing Tax Burden Still The State’s IGR Grew.

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State is currently been praised by Nigerians in social media for keeping to his promise if not increasing tax burden in the state despite the havoc caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is after it was announced that the state’s IGR grew by 26.4% amidst the pandemic and without increasing the tax burdern of citizens. This was disclose via the official Twitter page of Governor Seyi Makinde Media on Monday, November 16.

The tweet reads;

“The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) H1 2020 report shows that our IGR grew by 26.4% even amidst this pandemic. We did this without increasing the tax burden on our citizens. What we have done so far is to focus on our competitive advantage.” – Gov. Seyi Makinde

Earlier in the year, Makinde had promised not to increase the tax burden and he kept to his promise. This has made Nigerians to rain accolades on the governor.

@SodiqTade wrote; “How Seyi Makinde was able to increase the State IGR by 26.4% amidst the pandemic in H1 2020 without burdening the good people of Oyo State with unnecessary tax should be studied by others. Not trying to ridicule Buhari economy knowledge, but he needs to learn from Makinde.I’m sorry.  Buhari doesn’t have any knowledge about how to run the economy. My bad. Overrated him.

@DrOluwafunmilayo wrote; “Seyi Makinde promised his govt will never increase tax on any Oyo citizen. NBS report showed Oyo State IGR increased 26.4% DESPITE no extra taxes. But ElRufai plans to tax everyone >18 in his state- though he has not given everyone jobs. There are leaders. And there are clowns.”

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“I Would Want To Be Remembered For A Lot, People Gained From My Blessing” Davido Speaks On His Hopes.

Popular Nigerian musician, Davido real name David Adeleke has said that he wants to be remembered for a lot not just concerning music.

Davido said he wants to be remembered for his service to Nigeria, his family and Africa as a whole.

He took to Twitter on Sunday, November 15 to disclose this while sharing a photo of the Guardian Life Magazine Cover.

He tweeted;

“I would want to be remembered for a lot, not just music to be honest. That I served for humanity, I served the people and a lot of people gained from my blessing. I gave my family a good name, I gave my country a good name, I gave Africans a good name”

Davido also spoke about the moments that defined the set of time during the recording of his new album ‘A Better Time’

In his words;

“In my opinion 2 or 3 moments really defined / set the tone for the recording process of this album, read the next few tweets #ABT

“The 1st one was during the lockdown, we rented a house in VI and got everyone involved in making the music in there and just vibed. That week we made Mebe, IGAF, Sunlight, The Best and some other songs we’ve got saved, that week put us in a great head space #ABT.”

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Nigerian Government God Punish You! Kemi Olunloyo Blasts Pres. Buhari For Blocking Her From Tagging Him on Social Media.

Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has blasted and warmed President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian government not to try to start a social media fight with her.

Recall there have been governors and other lawmakers calling for the regulation of social media in the country.

According to Olunloyo, she can no longer mention Buhari’s handle on any post on Twitter or Instagram. She also stated that ‘they’ are trying to shut down Twitter.

She disclosed this on Wednesday, November 11 and also shared a snapshot of what she got as a response when she tried to ‘tag’ Buhati to her tweet.

She wrote;

“Nigerian Govt God punish you o. You don’t want to start this social media fight with me o. My tweets are frozen if I mention their handle. They are trying to shut down Twitter now. When we told you to restrict it before anarchy you were asleep now you’re blaming it on protesters.

“Look at the tweet below. See no activity because I mentioned their handle. You can’t even tag Buhari on Instagram anymore. What President does that?

“STOP OPPRESSING US President Buhari!😡 We cannot tag you on Instagram nor mention Nigerian govt on Twitter, our tweets will FREEZE @Jack @TwitterSupport.’

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I Was Sobbing Like A Fool, Everybody Should Go Through A Heartbreak! OAP Toolz Recounts How She Cried Premium Tears After A Heartbreak- See Screenshots.

Nigerians are currently sharing their heartbreak stories and what they did when they were heartbroken Twitter. Popular On Air Personality and presenter, Toolz real name Tolu Oniru has also shared he own heartbreak story.

Toolz disclosed on Wednesday, November 11  that she cried at a train station in London when she was walking and talking to a friend. She also said that since she did that she has never cried again after a heartbreak.

The mother of two also advised that everyone should go through an heartbreak so they would learn that it doesn’t kill.

She tweeted;

“Heartbreak had me crying hysterically outside Brixton Station. I was walking and talking to my friend, and the tears just came from nowhere. Sobbing like a fool, while ppl walked passed and ‘Awwwed’ me. Never cried over a break up since then.

“Everyone needs to go through a bad heartbreak at least once. Once you realise it didn’t kill you, you unlock some next level of strength and clarity for your next relationship. For me sha.”

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Just In

I Wasn’t Sentenced To Jail, I’m Safe! Actress Rahama Sadau Responds To Rumours That She Was Sentenced To Jail- See Screenshots.

Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau has debunked rumours that she was arrested by the police and sent to jail for the blasphemous comments that sparked online after she posted photos of her in a backless dress.

According to Rahama, she has been receiving many messages stating that she was sentenced to jail. She also said that she’s safe and absolutely fine.

She disclosed this via her Twitter account on Tuesday evening, November 10.

She tweeted;

“I have received many messages that I have been arrested and sentenced to jail earlier today. I have no idea where the news emanated from. I’m therefore calling on people to stop spreading FAKE and unfounded stories…

“I haven’t received any police invitation or court trial. I’m reiterating this to well wishers that I’m SAFE and FINE and I have never received any legal trial for whatever reason. To those trying to bank on this issue to create an unrest, Please give it a rest..!!! 😢🙏🏻

“It’s indeed a hard time for me. This is not the right time for FAKE NEWS. Much love to those who reached out, I’m grateful. Love Rahama ❤️”

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