“Take Tracey Boakye’s name out of your mouth, You dated him for 10years but he married Tracey” Afia Schwar slams Vivian Jill for being jealous of Tracey

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Controversial Ghanaian female comedian Afia Schwar has slammed the ex girlfriend of Tracey Boakye’s Husband Vivian Jill for trying to sabotage the marriage of her God Daughter. According to Afia, everyone has a past and everyone is someone’s ex therefore it’s no news if Tracey married someone’s the ex.

Afia also revealed that Vivian and Frank have been dating for 10years however Vivian disrespected frank by having a baby for another man so Frank also moved on with his life and is currently happy with Tracey. Afia claim before Frank even met Vivian, Tracey Boakye was his ex therefore its seems they were meant to be together.

She ended by shaming Ghanaians claiming the marriage of Tracey will work no matter what happens.