“Take Your Opportunities And Fly!” Comedian Alibaba Weighs In On Aliko Dangote’s Alleged Girlfriend Saga- See Screenshots

Nigerian ace comedian, Alibaba real name Atunyota  Akpobome has weighed in on the Aliko Dangote’s alleged girlfriend saga.

Since a lady named Bea Lewis revealed that she dated the richest man in Africa and that he broke her heart into pieces. The story surrounding their relationship has continued to trend all over social media.

Many ladies have said that they wouldn’t call Dangote out even after they break up. Alibaba has also seconded the notion by saying wise ones will seized their opportunity and fly no matter how the relationship ends.

He wrote on his Instagram page;

“And trust me… these type na them plenty pass as motivational speakers. They just continue living their quiet life and achieving things

“The foolish ones na them dey go post beef and pull him down stories. As if it then makes them saints.The interesting fall out is the man will not fall… and you are still no angel.

“Some people are working, right now, in organizations that the owner, may have gotten her big break to set up the company, that employed such people, from meeting some billionaire.

“But she walked out of the relationship, built a business and moved on. But the olodo ones, that have no head, will be there waiting to be on monthly salary. When it is not forthcoming, they start talking of how “he broke my heart in 3000 pieces”.

“There is a story of one night with the King. Take your opportunities and fly. If you mess up your opportunities, then you have yourself to blame. All these after pity party is a result of unfiltered thoughts and loose personalities.

“I know plenty people, they got a headstart, pardon the pun, and such ladies own properties, businesses and investments. No drama. But the ones wey no get head… na them dey post on Instagram.

“If some big babes, in this Nigeria, decide to go rogue… even some men of God no go see where hide. What do I know sef? Shebi I am just a comedian?”

See screenshots below;



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