Taking slimming pills almost killed me-Di Asa winner PM.

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Winner of Di Asa 2019 Precious Mensah popularly known as Pm has narrated the ordeal she went through trying to loose weight with the help of slimming pills.

According to the dance queen her friends always left her at home whenever they were going out to chill and that made her feel very bad so she thought the only way for her friends to have a change of attitude towards her was if she lost some weight weight.

In her quest to loss some weight she resorted in taking slimming pills and that almost made her loose her life.

She said after taking the pills she feels so uneasy with pains in her heart and she noticed this only happens when she takes the pills.

When she finally realized things were getting out of hand she threw the pills into a bin and decided never to indulge in such an act again since her plus size is genetic and there is very little she can do about it.