Taxi Driver k!lls Colleague, chops off he@d to sell to Alhaji in exchange for Money – Video

by - 2 mins

  • A taxi driver is currently in the grips of Ghana Police after a Human He@d was found in his Trunk
  • Narrating how the head got there, The driver revealed how he K!lled his fellow colleague for Rituals

A video of how two men were nabbed by police officers is currently trending on social media with some calling for the immediate prosecution of the culprits.

It is alleged that a human head was found in the trunk of their car and according to their narration, One of the culprit who happens to be a Taxi Driver confided in his friend that he was broke and that things are not going on well for him.

His friend then advised him to join his business which is killing people and sell off their chopped head to one Alhaji for a huge sum of Money. Due to the hardship he is facing, the Taxi Driver claim he agreed.

He claim he then solicited for help from one of his colleague Driver to escort him to a near by town for a funeral, After the Funeral, while returning, He claim when they got to a quite place, they strangled their friend and cut off his head.

Unfortunately on their way they run into a Policemen on Patrol, When asked to stop they refused and got into an accident with the vehicle causing their arrest.

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