“Teach your sons to be virgins too” – Catholic priest

A Catholic Priest attached to the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, known simply as Father Oluoma has urged parents to teach their sons to keep their virginity too, not only the daughters should be cautioned to be virgins.

“Parents you only teach girls to be virgins, it’s only the girl children you teach virginity.

PHOTO: Teach your son too to keep their virginity too- Catholic Priest

“That you did not teach the boys to be virgins means that they will make nonsense of the lesson you have taught your girls. It can take one randy boy in the neighourhood to disvirgin 20 girls, and you make them think that virginity is a gift to their husbands.”

He also said that no man deserves a lady’s virginity, that a woman virginity is not a gift to a man but rather, it is to facilitate a woman’s relationship with God.

“Listen, your virginity is not a gift to your husband, no man deserves your virginity. Is he a virgin himself? The reason the Bible asked you to be a virgin is Matthew 5. (Blessed are the pure for they shall see God).” He added.



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