Tears Flow As 12-Year-Old Ghanaian Girl Dies of Coronavirus

A 12-year-old Ghanaian girl living in Belgium with her family has died of the novel coronavirus that has become a canker in the world.

Report by UK tabloid ‘The Sun’, said the Ghanaian girl is the youngest person to die of the virus in Europe.

According to reports, Rachel started showing symptoms of coronavirus 2 weeks ago while in school where her guardians went for her and took her to the hospital for further medical checks.

Rachel was said to have been sent back home by doctors after they thought she was suffering from an allergic reaction when her parents rushed her to the hospital for having a fever. The doctors therefore did not check for COVID-19.

The doctor reportedly said coronavirus was “out of the question” and prescribed fever meds for her.

At home her situation got out of hand and her mother decided to call the emergency center for an ambulance but unfortunately the receiver didn’t understand the confusing call and decided to all back three times but the family couldn’t understand the call too leading to the 12-year-old girl’s untimely death.

Meanwhile 5 people have died of coronavirus in Ghana.


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