The Absurdity Of The Media Giving So Much Relevance To Unimportant Things In Ghana:The Case of Hon.Aponkye

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The media in Ghana is known to be the fourth estate of the country whose responsibility is monitoring the actions of government officials to make them accountable to the citizens.

But a critical look at the recent manner on which the media carries its duties is so weird and abysmal.

The media today has diverted from its major role of informing and watch dog role to rather give reverence to less important things in society. It now give relevance to the likes of Akuapem Polio, Hon. Aponkye, Efia Odo and Moesha Boduong.

The media’s bid of driving more traffic for profit maximization has compelled it to resort to foolish way of entertaining its audience.

Instead of entertaining its audience in a more educative manner, it now focuses on giving non entities who are bad influence to society so much prominence. The most important focus in the media reportages is to concentrate on prominence or prominent people but the Ghanaian media chooses to rather give importance to bad influence in society.

Outspoken Ghanaian journalist, Nana Aba Anamoah is one of the media personalities who parades herself as one of the greatest journalists the country has ever seen has disappointed the country big time when it comes to using the media for gibberish report. Looking at her reputation as a great journalist it is least expected of her to give that thing called Hon. Aponkye who has nothing to offer the country so much attention than imagined. Hence motivating other aimless media houses to do same as the journalist they look up to did.

Someone like Sugatiti has become a household name today because the media gave so much attention to nude photos she always share on social media. The likes of Moesha Boduong and Efia Odo whom under normal circumstance wouldn’t have become this prominent as they are now if the Ghanaian media were serious. But because the Ghanaian media has lost its relevance in society, it now carries everything and anything as news.

Tge media must must therefore shun from gibberish reportage in order to promote things that will bring development in the country.