The actor through which Funny Face met Vanessa, Papa Kumasi breaks his silence on their Issues

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Kumawood Actor Papa Kumasi who introduced Funny Face to Vanessa has finally broken his silence about the ongoing brouhaha between the couple.

In one of Vanessa’s interview, she mentioned it was papa kumasi who connected her to Funny Face. She claim Funny Face passed through papa Kumasi to get her number and thats where her relationship with funny face started.

According to papa Kumasi what funny face and vanessa are going through now is something most couple go through in many marriages. He revealed how Funny Face complained about Vanessa’s behavior to him in 2019 but he didnt bother to act as in every house there is one or more problems like that

He claim he advised them to stop such behaviors for the sake of the Twins who were being carried by Vanessa at that time. Lastly he advised them to stop selling their family issues on social media and settle their differences at home like adults