“The Biggest Hooligan Is The President Himself” Aisha Yesufu Slams Buhari For Saying Hooligans Hijacked Protest- See Videos.

Human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has no right to call the citizens hooligans because he’s the biggest hooligan in Nigeria.

Yesufu was expressed her opinion on President Buhari while she was on Arise Tv on Tuesday, December 8. During the interview she berated him and other leaders for saying the protests was hijacked by hooligans. The interview got so heated that she was reportedly cut off air, however it the interruption was blamed on network issues.

Taken to her Twitter page, she went live and said that Buhari should call Nigerians hooligans because he is the biggest hooligan in Nigeria.

In her words;

“Imagine on her they are telling me that the president said Hooliganism.. who is the biggest hooligan in Nigeria?

“It is the president himself, if the President can come out and call me a citizen a hooligan, the same citizen that voted for him, the same citizen he was going around begging and crying…”

See tweets/video below;



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