The Celebrities Skipped Church For Cardi B and She Skipped Them For Khebab-Mmebusem Mocks Snubbed Celebrities

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Local Jesus who has been trending lately in Ghana because of his comic way of portraying the character Jesus in most of his videos has joined the number of social media users who are mocking all the celebrities who were snubbed by Cardi B.

In a tweet the local Jesus bisected and dissected what actually happen which according to him was God’s will.

He hilariously wrote that the Ghanaian celebrities skipped church all to see Cardi B but she also skipped them for Khebab and it was all God’s making to make them know what they did was bad.

The celebrities who were snubbed have not descended on him yet but they will surely do when they come across his tweet.

Meanwhile most of the celebrities have now become defending champions who now defend themselves here and there to let Ghanaians know that they weren’t snubbed but it was a matter of time that was changed but the bitter truth is they were snubbed.

Below is his tweet: