The family of the late Jerry John Rawlings clears Air on his alleged 52 year old daughter

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Yesterday Social Media was buzzing after an alleged secret daughter of the Late Jerry John Rawlings stormed his funeral service.

The young lady identified as Abigail Rawlings claim she is the first daughter of the Late Jerry John Rawlings. This comes as a surprise to many as Zenator Rawlings has always been known as the first daughter Rawlings and the former President never made mention of having another daughter.

Surprisingly there is s report that the family of the late Jerry John Rawlings have confirmed the claim. According to, the family of Rawlings have confirmed that they welcomed the prodigal daughter of Rawlings Abigail Mautor Rawlings into the family in 2002.

They revealed that the late ex President neither denied or confirmed been her biological father but they revealed that he occasionally sent her Money to support her and also to start a business.

A family member who wanted to remain anonymous praised his prodigal daughter for been committed to the activities of the family after she was welcomed.