The first two years of my Marriage didn’t go as planned because I cheated on my wife – Keche Joshua

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Keche Joshua has laid bare the shocking habit he put up after he married.

The Keche music group member revealed in an interview that he cheated on his wife in the preliminary stages of their marriage. Joshua said he was in amorous relationships with two ladies in the first two years of marriage. He cited youthful exuberance as the cause of his cheating behavior. After exploring with these women for some time, Joshua quit this habit and stayed with his wife.

During his cheating days, the musician stated that he was cautious and always uses protection when having an affair with different women. Keche Joshua and his wife, Rosemary Ankamah Effum (Nana Yaa) has been together for about seven (7) years now. They have been blessed with two (2) children.