The Group Ruff N Smooth Is Dead And Never coming Back – Bullet Declares

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Bullet in a recent interview with Andy Dosty on Showbiz Review as monitored by made soo many revelations.

Bullet in his revelations revealed that Akhan who happens to be an ex member to the Ruff N Smooth group suggested they release a solo project. Bullet as candid as he is told Akhan to man up and just say the group is being dissolved.

Bullet then was quizzed as to why he has decided not to sing but rather manage the artist and this is what he had to say;

I just want to give these artist a chance and showcase these talents to the world.

Bullet further revealed that himself and Akhan were both unsuccessful after going solo but he ‘Bullet’ had a hit song. He also disclosed that there were times he had to pretend to be the groups manager and to some extent, he was the machine or brain behind the group.

I even had to change Akhan’s name from Osrane to Akhan, he said and also went on to reveal he ‘Bullet‘ was called ‘Atuo Aboba‘ which also meant Bullet.

I was once called “Ras Temple”, Bullet said.