The media is quick to spread negative news – Stacey Amoateng reveals

by - 2 mins

The managing Director of Angel Broadcasting Network, Stacy Amoateng has revealed that the Media is very quick to spread negative news unlike the positive news which will make an impact. She revealed this while talking about her daughter Calista who won the title Miss Teen Tourism in 2022 during an Interview.

She claim her daughter’s initiative which is targeted to eradicate or reduce child poverty . She then revealed how her daughter is passionate about the whole move. She revealed how her daughter was very excited to see a free health screening at Nima.

In her words, She said” The other day when I did a free health screening at Nima, my daughter Calista and her younger Sister came along, they were surprised, they asked if this was also part of Accra.”

” But they said Nima is very rowdy and the people there are not nice. However her daughter was able to walk freely there despite there being rowdy and the people unfriendly. She claim no one attack them or even tried to take their Phone and in their words, they said ” Ah! So Mummy Nima is so cool and people make it look like Nima is not cool”

“Sometime we need to let them have these experience to have the positive vibe because we the media folks, Sometimes we are to blame, we push the negativity more than the positivity”