The untold story of the Ghana Law School student: An open letter to President Akufo Addo

Good morning to the First Gentleman of the Republic of Ghana; Your Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo

I am certain that your high office is faring well, same as your well being.

Permit me, Mr President, to excuse the usual lengthy pleasantries and focus on the primary reason for this letter to you.

In the past week, you took time off your busy schedule to address leaders of the Ghana Bar Association on very important national issues. Central among these issues was the high failure rate annually churned out at the Ghana School of Law. I am happy that at least, you recognize that the failures are a problem that needs redress.

Mr President, I had hoped you will admit that the redress that is needed is very imminent especially since as the status quo is maintained, other students will have to deal with the same system this year.

Mr President, my greatest concern is your opinion on what could be the reason for the almost chronic mass failure at the Ghana School of Law. In your statement, you suggested that the problem could be as a result of failure of students to adhere to simple examination instructions. This however saddens me just as every other student of the Ghana School of Law.

This suggestion, Your Excellency, clearly informs us that your high office either has not paid attention to the ‘noise’ made by the students who have formed this opinion based on information received from just one version of the discussion. I know you have scheduled to meet the leadership of the SRC of the Ghana School of Law, so I hope you will reach a better conclusion after hearing them out. As you said in your address; “I think all of us have a big responsibility to put the facts out so that people in Ghana can understand…” Kindly allow me to also help by putting these facts out.

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