“There could be anotherstate- Burial organized soon” Legendary Actress Maame Dokono reveals

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Legendary Ghanaian Actress Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dokono has shockingly revealed that there could be another state funeral soon and that she is very Optimistic that their plead will not be turned down.

According to her, she revealed that the members of the creative arts industry and the family of the late Osofo Dadzie are in talks with the leaders of the country to give their hero a befitting state burial and funeral

She claim it is the right thing to do since Osafo Dadzie was one of the few people who placed Ghana on a higher map in the creative arts industry.

She urged everyone to add to their petition because it never wrong to honor the Dead from the state. She revealed that Osofo Dadzie was a great National treasure who starred in popular TV shows like Cantata and Akan Drama on Ghana Television.

Back in the days when there were no Telenovela ans soap Operas, Osafo Dadzie and his team entertained the whole country. This is the great reason why they are rooting for him to be given a state burial