“This year has been the toughest year in my Life” Princess Shyngle says as she returns back to social media with wild Photos

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Ghanaian Based Gambia Actress Princess shyngle has taken to social media to express how she was badly affected this 2020.

According to her, this year has been the most trying, difficult and lonely year of her life.

She claim she felt like given up at one point in time as she was depressed and heartbroken

She further noted that it was God who gave her the strength and power to go through it and win al battles.

She wrote: This past year has been the most trying, difficult, sad, lonely, depressing and heartbroken year of my life, I felt like giving up so many times but God gave me the strength, power, faith and will to get through it all and conquer so many battles I never thought I’d ever win 🙏🏽😊 right now I’m blessed, happy, filled with so much joy, happiness, love and hope and I thank God for everything I’ve finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel ❤️🙏🏽🥰😍