Those Addressing Nana Addo As President Should Please Stop, How Can He Be President Knowing He Rigged The Election And Later Asked Jane Mensah To Run Out Of Town – Ibrah One

Self acclaimed seer, Ibrah One, has taken to his Insta stories to boldly state that Nana Addo will realize before March 6, 2021 that Ghana is not a piece of land which can solely be owned by 1 tribe.

According to Ibrah One, those addressing Nana Addo as the President of mother Ghana should put a stop that adding that, Nana Addo rigged the election and later asked the EC boss, Jean Mensah to run out of town. He further added that John Dramani Mahama is only wasting his time going to court knowing very well Nana Addo has allegedly bribed the judges.

This is what he had to say;

”Nana addo will see the hand written on the wall before 6 March that’s when he will know Ghana is not a peace of land that one tribe will own.

He further added; ”Those addressing Nana Addo as president should please stop. How can he be president knowing he rig the election and later ask Jane Mensa to run of town. Mahama is just wasting his time going to court knowing Nana Addo has bribe all the Judges.#Ibrahone

Checkout the screenshot below;



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